Left to Right: Sardinia, Vermentino; Morocco, Syrah; Morocco White Blend; Israe,l Sauvignon Blanc; West Bank, Red; West Bank, White


It’s summer: grab a glass and let these Mediterranean wines bring some sunny vibes to you, wherever you are.

Water often plays a big role in wine, and I’m not talking about irrigation or the H2O content of a glass of wine. It’s not merely a coincidence that some of the most famous wine regions are located near a large body of water. Europe’s second-longest river Danube or the lake Neusiedl in Austria are just a few examples that have a big impact on certain wine regions. But there is nothing like our beloved Mediterranean Sea. Its influence is hard to measure but it’s safe to say that without it, the world of wine would not be the same.

Left: From the Del Bosco Monks in Bethlehem

White: “Dabouki”. Light, crisp.
Red: light red. pairs with grilled lamb and meats.

Proceeds from the sales of these wines support the educational and charitable work for the Salesians of the Holy Land.

Right: From Morocco, just northeast of Casablanca

Facing the Adriatic—wine in this area go back 2500 years!! Balanced white varietals that I’m totally unfamiliar with –Faranah and Clairette. Pair either with our Chicken Kebobs with harissa hummus and other like spiced foods. Lower in alcohol—only 13%.

Left: Julie’s personal favorite

What started this whole educational odyssey in the first place! A Sauvignon Blanc that is Light, lean, crisp-and lower in alcohol. Very refreshing and pairs with grilled seafood and Mediterranean Diet. From Galilee—where Jesus turned water into wine long ago!

Right: From Sardinia – Vermentino

A high acid, mineral, lean and a bit of salinity. Versatile but particularly good with the grilled fish, vegetables—the Mediterranean diet.