As we all have them, there are days when I am so busy the only effort I want to make in putting together a meal is the act of opening a container.

In my continuation of sharing with you my ideas of how Julienne food can come together for a fabulous meal, I share with you my latest “lite lunch”: Salmon with Haricot Vert and warmed Aspargus and Gruyere Tart. All I had to do to finish this off was drizzle my favorite scallion oil over the top.


All of these items are available in the gourmet market. You can look on our “Week-At-A-Glance” menu, published every Sunday, for when items will be available and build the sort of meal that inspires you.

Maybe you like, Parmesan Tilapia with Wild Rice and Mushroom, along with some simple green beans and parsley. Or, you might be inspired by lemon grilled salmon, quinoa with pistachios and currants along with some simple grilled vegetables.

Whatever your tastes desire, we have a combination that can work for you.

You can find our weekly menu on the website. Or, to make it very easy, sign up to have it sent to your email inbox, here!

🙂 Julie


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