About Us

“I feel like I’m on vacation!”

—a phrase we happily hear time and again from customers from those discovering us for the first time to seasoned regulars taking in the visual beauty of our decor for any given holiday

Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations engages all the senses with old world French bistro charm. Our delicious food made is from scratch by our talented team—smells of freshly baked bread emanates into the Marketplace daily. Our 1926, vine-covered Spanish arcade and garden certainly sets the tone for something special…and you’ll hear either French jazz or opera as you browse around. 

Over the course of our 35 year history we have transitioned from home kitchen cooking to lavishly catered events, from one deli case with a few platters to an entire marketplace with over 200 daily food options, from a luncheonette with 3 tables to 25, and then to zero due to Covid 19 government restrictions.  We went from selling a few soaps and lotions—even CDs!— to a sophisticated and carefully curated retail store.  

We have prevailed over national economic downturns, the death of the founder, Susan Campoy (my mom) we have increased our physical footprint 3 times, and we have grown in all ways—menus, technology (doing our best!) as the community itself has evolved. It’s so nice to know our customers firsthand—and I like to say that many friendships have developed over the deli cases. 

Throughout our many iterations of growth, we continue to hold true to our values of :
Gracious & Welcoming Hospitality

Nothing makes me prouder than to be the second-generation, independent, woman-owned business since 1985 with deep roots to our community, ready to offer a bit of the vacation feel we all yearn for.

Welcome to our world of Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations!

Julie A. Campoy, Proprietor

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Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations is growing, and we invite you to be a part of our team. Our training program is thorough, structured, and designed for success and satisfaction.

We offer positions for both long-term career seekers, and part-time job contributors.

On a Personal Note

June 15, 2021

Hello! It’s been a few months since my last letter. I’ve written and rejected a number of them. My intent is simply to share my perspective as a business owner trying to navigate through the many twists and turns during this new year of Corona. I’m happy to say we are settling in nicely with a re-imagined Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations, and it feels good!

However, just as things are winding down, opening up, looking forward, many of us in the food and service industries are still in this relentless grip of Covid which impacts our day-to-day operations and customer expectations. I talk to business owners who have expressed the same disbelief, frustration, grief, and fatigue. Never in 35 years of business have I experienced such a tumultuous labor market. Quite honestly, these last few months have been hell. “Re-entry” is proving to be just as arduous as the onset.

I am really trying to understand the nuanced dynamic behind the shrinking labor
market nationwide, not just here in LA County. Certainly, the perspective of this past year is unique to each individual and family. Many have been impacted with only mild discomfort or disruptions and it scales up from there. Countless news articles cite the same obstacles as it relates to hiring employees today: fear of getting covid, lack of child care and schools not fully open, enhanced unemployment benefits set to expire in September, moving to other cities, finding new careers, and attending school. 

As employees choose to work fewer hours for the reasons above, and not limited to, we have had to really double down on our hiring process. Yet, many applicants don’t show up for interviews and those hired promptly quit. It’s so baffling. Our staffing needs are quite extensive; we are now open 7 days a week. While our sales hours are 9 am-5 pm, the team arrives much earlier and leaves much later. We take care of an average of 325 customers in person every day. Our team of over 50 makes and packages everything here on the premises. We launched our new website, new menus, and rolled out new training protocols. We redesign the Marketplace every few weeks and even hosted a twilight Trunk Show of our new summer finds.

Amidst this all, we are re-shuffling the management team. After 13 years, the part-time counter girl turned General Manager Kate who is a most dedicated, trustworthy, and competent woman, and wearer of many hats is leaving to take care of her toddlers and family life. We will sorely miss her and her countless contributions to Julienne! All this to say, there are many moving parts to keep Julienne going and a stable workforce is a critical component.

But…upheaval makes for opportunity. These last 18 months exposed stress points in our operations so we took a few deep breaths and tried then tried again. It takes faith and grit to re-invent, especially when so many circumstances are out of your control; the key is to control what you can. Ingenuity fosters opportunity. We have always promoted from within and the time has come to bring in outside expertise. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve hired a number of managers for newly created positions. This new pool of talent, energy, and professional experience will reinforce what we do best and modernize our online operations to help us grow for your pleasure and enjoyment.

The Julienne Marketplace will always be a vibrant social hub with a nod to graceful
living. Our vast selection of signature house-made foods, displayed in a beautiful and cheerful space, with polite and knowledgeable staff which also offers a curated look and feel for specialty gourmet provisions, boutique wines, and festive seasonal decor. Many of you know I love to shop! The garden patio offers a most pleasant spot to enjoy a glass of wine with food purchased from the Espresso Bar or the Marketplace. I hope you, too, will feel the good energy as the Julienne lifestyle continues to embrace all aspects of fine foods and celebrations. On June 15, I’ll happily be pouring my traditional “dixie cup of holiday cheer,” i.e, champagne, all day to celebrate seeing your face and smile once again. Come visit us and let’s hug!

For better or for worse, Covid has presented opportunities for real change, work/ life options, and the freedom to re-invent. I just try to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate what is best for Julienne. I am equally exhausted and energized with what the future holds, and it feels good!

Wishing you all the best with the opportunities presented your way.
Sincere thanks for your continued patronage. It has kept us going!



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