About Us

“I feel like I’m on vacation!”

—a phrase we happily hear time and again from customers from those discovering us for the first time to seasoned regulars taking in the visual beauty of our decor for any given holiday

Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations engages all the senses with old world French bistro charm. Our delicious food made is from scratch by our talented team—smells of freshly baked bread emanates into the Marketplace daily. Our 1926, vine-covered Spanish arcade and garden certainly sets the tone for something special…and you’ll hear either French jazz or opera as you browse around. 

Over the course of our 35 year history we have transitioned from home kitchen cooking to lavishly catered events, from one deli case with a few platters to an entire marketplace with over 200 daily food options, from a luncheonette with 3 tables to 25, and then to zero due to Covid 19 government restrictions.  We went from selling a few soaps and lotions—even CDs!— to a sophisticated and carefully curated retail store.  

We have prevailed over national economic downturns, the death of the founder, Susan Campoy (my mom) we have increased our physical footprint 3 times, and we have grown in all ways—menus, technology (doing our best!) as the community itself has evolved. It’s so nice to know our customers firsthand—and I like to say that many friendships have developed over the deli cases. 

Throughout our many iterations of growth, we continue to hold true to our values of :
Gracious & Welcoming Hospitality

Nothing makes me prouder than to be the second-generation, independent, woman-owned business since 1985 with deep roots to our community, ready to offer a bit of the vacation feel we all yearn for.

Welcome to our world of Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations!

Julie A. Campoy, Proprietor

On a Personal Note

March 7, 2021

Spring is in the air! The beautiful weather makes it feel good to be out. And it is the one year anniversary of Covid, our constant companion for the last 12 months. I look back on the year in dismay, awe and relief; I have been spared from illness; my business survives, and we are on a new course. From the beginning of my monthly notes, the theme has been consistent; we need one another. While that theme remains constant, I’ll add that “balance” is equally and always worthwhile. With “life” opening up more, I still believe cautious optimism is prudent and not time to let down our guard. We have all worked too hard to endure setbacks.

March 13, 2020 is the date in my mind when the bubble of Julienne cracked. Sensing something big and dangerous was lurking our way, we voluntarily started distancing the Restaurant tables and limiting the number of people inside the Market. It was the busy week of St. Patrick’s Day– prepping 150lbs of corned beef and cabbage!–when LA County issued orders to close all restaurants and non-essential operations by March 19. The confusion, fear and uncertainty were palpable. But Julienne was deemed an essential business, and our doors opened again the very next day, on time, with enough food to feed everyone. We have stayed open ever since. And boy, like everyone else, the adjustments we have made–and continue to make–are nothing short of monumental. We’ve had a torrent of questions of late about the Restaurant. In an effort to manage the expectations about the future of Julienne, here is my long-winded response. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than being “Julie of Julienne”; I happily breathe this role 24/7. As we go forward, these next challenges of achieving balance on all levels cannot be underestimated. I feel energized and most fortunate to continue on with the journey that was thrust upon me–with no warning, no guidebook for reference. I rely on intuition, pride in ownership and a fantastic team with special thanks to General Manager Kate, who has been invaluable in helping me navigate through it all and manages the ensuing complexities seamlessly.

For the last 12 years, I am the proud second-generation, independent-woman owner, taking over the reins with the passing of my mother, Susan Campoy, the founder of Julienne. We worked closely, together though neither of us had any prior restaurant or retail experience, but we shared the passion of entertaining in a welcoming, hospitable and gracious way. With humble beginnings, we grew organically rather than following any master strategic plan. For over 20 years Julienne had three distinct operations. We offered full-service Catering, full-service Restaurant, and a fully-stocked Market with prepared foods, all operating out of a very small kitchen with 65 total employees. After 30 years of catering, my Mom decided she wanted a healthier work/life balance. Catering, for her, had run its course. The Marketplace stepped up to replace the lost catering revenue by expanding our take-out operations and continues to do so.

Many of you know I am the Original “Marketplace counter girl” when we had just one deli case, sold CDs and had a manual cash register. Growing and expanding the Market has always been my “baby” since day one–and yes, I have been here 30 plus years!

The Marketplace is the silent engine of the business, representing a vast majority of the business for over 30 years. The daily menu selections are a cohesive thematic selection to make menu planning easy. Entertaining on a more modest level will soon tempt us all; we have a new Special Occasion Menu coming out in the next week. The first annual Holiday PopUP at our warehouse space was beyond successful, so a summer PopUP is on this year’s calendar. We’ve expanded our everyday, seasonal and speciality gourmet merchandise. With so many requests to ship our frozen foods, it is TIME to create and integrate an e-commerce production site. The Marketplace provides a veritable one stop shopping experience brimming with lovely food, gifts and seasonal fun; the possibilities for creative expansion are endless.

I am mindful that so many will be disappointed to learn the full-service Restaurant experience has likely run its course; it’s been closed for a full year already. The restaurant industry is both rewarding and tough. We have readjusted, and I am happy with the direction Julienne is going. I warmly embrace all the wonderful memories people share with me. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to have such a special place in the hearts and memories of many. Thank you!

Notwithstanding unpredictable county health guidelines, we will continue with the Market Cafe concept with a few courtesy tables on the garden patio for you to enjoy a quick bite with food purchased from inside. And Mr. Julienne, Herbert, will be there to greet you, as he does, with the best coffee ever.

What I’ve learned from Covid and this tumultuous year is that challenges and change are ever present in life, and the attitude of grace and tenacity can make the situation manageable and perhaps even more balanced than before. I am proud how Julienne continues to evolve with the ravages of this global pandemic. Our pivots have sustained us; we have survived, and we look forward to a bright future with a healthy sense of balance for us all.

May you, too, find Peace, Acceptance and Balance as you find yourself at the crossroads of COVID. 

Julie CampoyProprietor


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