About Us

“I feel like I’m on vacation!”

—a phrase we happily hear time and again from customers from those discovering us for the first time to seasoned regulars taking in the visual beauty of our decor for any given holiday

Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations engages all the senses with old world French bistro charm. Our delicious food made is from scratch by our talented team—smells of freshly baked bread emanates into the Marketplace daily. Our 1926, vine-covered Spanish arcade and garden certainly sets the tone for something special…and you’ll hear either French jazz or opera as you browse around. 

Over the course of our 35 year history we have transitioned from home kitchen cooking to lavishly catered events, from one deli case with a few platters to an entire marketplace with over 200 daily food options, from a luncheonette with 3 tables to 25, and then to zero due to Covid 19 government restrictions.  We went from selling a few soaps and lotions—even CDs!— to a sophisticated and carefully curated retail store.  

We have prevailed over national economic downturns, the death of the founder, Susan Campoy (my mom) we have increased our physical footprint 3 times, and we have grown in all ways—menus, technology (doing our best!) as the community itself has evolved. It’s so nice to know our customers firsthand—and I like to say that many friendships have developed over the deli cases. 

Throughout our many iterations of growth, we continue to hold true to our values of :
Gracious & Welcoming Hospitality

Nothing makes me prouder than to be the second-generation, independent, woman-owned business since 1985 with deep roots to our community, ready to offer a bit of the vacation feel we all yearn for.

Welcome to our world of Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations!

Julie A. Campoy, Proprietor

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Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations is growing, and we invite you to be a part of our team. Our training program is thorough, structured, and designed for success and satisfaction.

We offer positions for both long-term career seekers, and part-time job contributors.

On a Personal Note

August 2021

Note 21…that’s quite a number of letters since the start of the Great Pandemic, March 2020.

A yoga instructor once said that you have to have thunderstorms before you get to the rainbow. That made me smile. I’m happy to say that at Julienne, a little bit of that rainbow is shining on us. It’s been a long, hard slog, but progress and sustainability are firmly in place, and it feels good.

We have greatly stabilized our labor shortage since my last letter, and have hired terrific new managers who bring smarts, talent, enthusiasm, and pride to the table. I rely so much on the work ethic and talent of Director of Operations Stephanie, who was enduring chemo throughout this time; she managed all successfully and professionally. And some of our current staff is choosing to work more hours, filling in the gaps. Good news, indeed. It’s a real pleasure to work with everyone as we continue to march forward with a plan that helps us get to our next iteration. This stability also allows me (hopefully) to go on a much-needed vacation, the first since 2019, to Italy to visit some of my favorite wine regions and find inspiration for Julienne.  

Speaking of going forward, it’s Back to School Time, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays, New Year’s. “ Q4” as we call it, is brimming with activity, menus, and seasonal decor. Everyone is happy, including our bottom line. I am not alone in saying that Julienne becomes a delightful holiday destination spot during this time. I am inspired by the glorious window displays of the magical department stores of long ago; Marshall Fields and Lord & Taylor in Chicago, I Magnin, Bullocks Wilshire….happy memories to linger over the beauty created in those windows. It was actually a thing to do in Chicago, “window shopping”. 

I look forward to creating that spirit every year, and this year is no different. Except for…, we have yet to receive our holiday merchandise! Orders placed at the big trade show months ago are subject to the supply chain shortages impacting every industry from retail, wine, equipment merchandise to home improvement (speaking from my own experience). This time last year we were in the creative throes of setting up for our First Annual Holiday PopUP at our off-site warehouse, anticipating that in-store shopping at Julienne would not be happening due to Covid (and sadly, we were right). Based on the overwhelming success, we bought big for this year, anticipating equally high demand for our 2nd Annual PopUP.** Alas, we patiently await shipment upon shipment. Fear not! We will make it all come together, however, it all comes to pass because that’s when the art and magic of being a “Merchant” really shines. We have a most talented, creative, and resourceful team.

Who would have thought the world would continue to be in a position of uncertainty, upheaval, make-do. If one thing that Covid has firmly taught me is just that: learn to adapt to ongoing change in circumstances, chip away at the challenges, and be nimble. We don’t know what the future months hold, and I don’t relish masking up, or limiting the number of people in the store as we did last year. The safety and well-being of all continue to be my top priority as a business owner; we will continue to adhere to mandated protocols to keep Covid/Delta at bay. I always say being proactive is better than being reactive, so it is consistent that I am a strong advocate for the vaccine. I want the business environment to thrive, be lively and engaging for customers and staff, pass out my traditional Dixie Cup of Holiday Cheer (champagne) while customers wait for their catering orders. It’s fun and cheerful; just what is needed now. 

As we collectively prepare for all the joyful activity of the Holidays, may the spirit of good health permeate all that you do.  May a rainbow of hope be in sight. Sincere thanks for your continued support, encouragement, and good cheer under the circumstances!

**Due to circumstances mentioned, and being nimble, the 2nd Annual Holiday PopUP will be at Julienne, transforming the former dining room into a magical spot. Appointments, champagne, snacks, and personal shopping just like last year will still happen. We will send an email message for you to make a reservation. I look forward to helping you imagine holiday decor for your home, and to finding just the right gifts for everyone on your list. Thank you! 



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