Join our Team!

Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations is growing, and we invite you to be a part of our team. Our training program is thorough, structured, and designed for success and satisfaction.

We offer positions for both long-term career seekers, and part-time job contributors.

Considerations Before Applying

Julienne holds a special place in the hearts of many. We seek individuals from all backgrounds to contribute to this wonderful and vibrant sense of community.

Quality control, gracious, and welcoming hospitality are always at the forefront of the Julienne experience!

Julienne customers are very generous when they receive excellent food and service. Tips are shared among all hourly employees, and on average ranges from $3-5/hour for those who are eligible which is determined by a proficiency test.

Should any position seem to be a good fit, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Open Position

Customer Service/Deli Counter/Barista

16-25 HOURS PER WEEK | $16-$18/ HOUR + TIPS

Heavy interaction and helpful engagement with customers, many of whom are regulars. Prepare and serve food, beverages, wine in the Espresso Bar. Package and sell foods and merchandise in the Gourmet Market. Full same-day phone/email orders. Structured training is provided to achieve the skills and knowledge needed to maintain high customer service standards. Julienne is a happy and beautiful place that really shines when customers and employees positively connect.


10-25 HOURS PER WEEK | $16-$18/ HOUR + TIPS

We are a scratch bakery and take great pride in our daily cookies, bars, morning bake, cakes, individual pastries, and our signature bread. Must be focused and precise with measurements and ingredients to meet the high-volume production demands. Quality control, accuracy, inventory management of ingredients are key elements in the position.

Dishwasher and/or Day Porter

10-25 HOURS PER WEEK | $15-$16/ HOUR + TIPS

Maintain Health Department standards in washing/sanitizing pots and pans for the Kitchen and Pastry Teams. Maintains physical appearance and cleanliness of entire property. Assist Kitchen and Pastry Teams with daily deliveries and some basic prep work. Must be physically capable of lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds.

About Us

“I feel like I’m on vacation!”

—a phrase we happily hear time and again from customers from those discovering us for the first time to seasoned regulars taking in the visual beauty of our decor for any given holiday

Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations engages all the senses with old world French bistro charm. Our delicious food made is from scratch by our talented team—smells of freshly baked bread emanates into the Marketplace daily. Our 1926, vine-covered Spanish arcade and garden certainly sets the tone for something special…and you’ll hear either French jazz or opera as you browse around. 

Over the course of our 35 year history we have transitioned from home kitchen cooking to lavishly catered events, from one deli case with a few platters to an entire marketplace with over 200 daily food options, from a luncheonette with 3 tables to 25, and then to zero due to Covid 19 government restrictions.  We went from selling a few soaps and lotions—even CDs!— to a sophisticated and carefully curated retail store.  

We have prevailed over national economic downturns, the death of the founder, Susan Campoy (my mom) we have increased our physical footprint 3 times, and we have grown in all ways—menus, technology (doing our best!) as the community itself has evolved. It’s so nice to know our customers firsthand—and I like to say that many friendships have developed over the deli cases. 

Throughout our many iterations of growth, we continue to hold true to our values of :
Gracious & Welcoming Hospitality

Nothing makes me prouder than to be the second-generation, independent, woman-owned business since 1985 with deep roots to our community, ready to offer a bit of the vacation feel we all yearn for.

Welcome to our world of Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations!

Julie A. Campoy, Proprietor

On a Personal Note from Julie

January 2022

For the first time ever, the Julienne staff will take three much needed consecutive days off to rest and reinvigorate. We will be closed January 1-3, ready to welcome 2022 anew on January 4. The prevailing feeling for many of late is Fatigue. Burn out. Beleaguerment. But Rest fosters resilience and a new year reinvigorates what can be. 

2021 was incredibly challenging for many businesses, including Julienne, with the much publicized supply chain shortages and subsequent domino effect (we received a big Halloween shipment Thanksgiving Day; Christmas merchandise kept coming in December); price increases on just about everything from food to packaging to shipping. The ongoing labor shortage in the service industry, often called the “Great Quit” or “the Great Resignation” caused the most significant challenge for me.I personally call it the “Great Recalibration,” as people across the board figure out the how, when, where and why they want to work. As an employer, I feel caught in the societal cross hairs of the changes happening in the work environment, rules, accountability and structure. In over 36 years, we’ve never hired/ trained/ lost so many; the upheaval becomes a burden for those forced to pick up the slack, and that means fatigue and burnout, which means fewer staff in all departments. We all know how that can translate to the customer experience. It’s a vicious cycle, indeed, for many industries, including food service, hospitality, retail, health care, and transportation.


I continue to remind myself that upheaval begets opportunities. Holiday sales were robust with our new Holiday Boutique, a silver lining with that late arriving merchandise. People shopped earlier, weary of the supply chain shortages and delivery. Overall, consumers have returned to the brick and mortar stores for a cheerful in-person holiday shopping experience that on-line simply cannot provide. Another silver lining. Julienne has restructured entire departments, redesigned the kitchen, hired outside design and tech teams, implemented new processes per circumstances du jour. All silver linings. We are hiring on all fronts as Covid illness continues to impact scheduling; I’m sure there will be a silver lining there soon enough.  The progress is incremental but satisfying, all of which will encourage sustainability, stability and growth. Until, of course, we have to once again adapt…

So with the bounty of upheaval we all experienced in some way or another in 2021, my wish for 2022 is that the inevitable opportunities and silver linings will manifest abundantly for all and that this pandemic finally ends! 

Sincere thanks to this community’s steadfast support and trust. Equally, sincere thanks to those dedicated Julienne employees who bring their talent, good cheer, and can-do spirit to work every single day, which in turn brings the Julienne experience to fruition every single day in spite of the many obstacles. I count my blessings, seek out the silver linings and am open to the opportunities of what can be. Blessings for a Healthy and Happy New Year! 



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