Fall is here!!

The crisp fall breeze is settling in and the hot summer days are melting away. Backyard dinner parties are moving inside, the fire is roaring and the whole house smells of pumpkin. It’s officially Autumn, and it’s our favorite time of the year, we love it so much that we might have gone a little […]

A lite lunch….

As we all have them, there are days when I am so busy the only effort I want to make in putting together a meal is the act of opening a container. In my continuation of sharing with you my ideas of how Julienne food can come together for a fabulous meal, I share with […]

Crudite Scramble

Anyone who walks into our gourmet market quickly notices our Julienne branded items. From Parmesan toasts to bags of mini-cookies to our packaged salads and sandwiches, we try to create a product line where you can quickly grab what you want and have a wonderful snack or meal on the go. We also have on […]

What to look forward to, March 2017

Month-at-a-Glance We are coming out of LA’s rainiest of season’s in a while and leaping into Spring. With the time change and the sunny weather, we are clearing out some of the winter wares and making room for pastels in many varieties. Here is what’s in store, and in the store, for March! Luck of […]

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