Anyone who walks into our gourmet market quickly notices our Julienne branded items. From Parmesan toasts to bags of mini-cookies to our packaged salads and sandwiches, we try to create a product line where you can quickly grab what you want and have a wonderful snack or meal on the go.

We also have on our shelves, containers of various sizes, some of our favorite items that we use in the restaurant, all housemade and packaged for you to enjoy at home; items like our Lavender Olives or our Whiskey Caramel Sauce and Fleur de Sea Caramel.

We often get asked to share simple recipes for how you can seamlessly incorporate these items into meals at home. For that reason, I thought it would be fun to share recipes and tips and tricks I use at home to make easy dishes, using the products we carry, in the manner that I incorporate them at home.

This will be a new feature of my blog and you can expect to see fun recipes every so often!

For the first recipe, I thought I would share one of my favorite meals to make when I am in a hurry. Whether in the morning or evening, this is a nice light dish that can be made for one or a group of people for a nice brunch.

Crudite Scramble



From a grocery store or your pantry: onions and eggs
Julienne ingredients: packaged Crudite, Herbed Creme Fraiche, Parsley Butter, EVOO, Parisian Ham (optional)

This is very much left to your preference in the quantity of ingredients and what you chose to add.


Over the low to medium heat, sauté chopped onions in about a tablespoon of Julienne® Parsley Butter

Add chopped Parisian Ham, along with any of the cut vegetables you like from Julienne’s® Crudite. I like red and yellow pepper, broccoli, and potato. Sauté until just heated.

In a separate bowl, scramble 2-3 eggs with a bit of the creme fraiche, salt and pepper.

Add the eggs and cook through.

Plate and drizzle with Garlic Thyme Olive Oil. Serve with some crusty bread or a slice of Julienne® Rosemary Currant bread.

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