The crisp fall breeze is settling in and the hot summer days are melting away. Backyard dinner parties are moving inside, the fire is roaring and the whole house smells of pumpkin. It’s officially Autumn, and it’s our favorite time of the year, we love it so much that we might have gone a little overboard- but there is no such thing as too much pumpkin!

The leaves are falling and we can’t think of anything more delicious than our homemade pumpkin spice lattes with our pumpkin poppy seed cookie with a lemon glaze on top. We recommend this combination while the sun is setting while you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket with a good book. We love rising early and starting the day on the best note- so that calls for our delicious pumpkin pancakes and waffles.  We have perfected our winter fruit compote– and we want to eat it by the spoonful, but instead, we will layer it on our pumpkin pancakes, we will lather our vanilla ice cream with it, and we will add it to our pumpkin spiced cheesecakes. With fall comes time to utilize cranberries to the fullest extent and we have the most delicious cranberry fueled dishes for your palate this season.

Fall calls for more family dinners, so we’re making coming together as simple as we can. Every Friday we will be offering “Friday Night Dinner for four at Home” all that you need to add is a bottle of wine and one of our mouth-watering desserts. We love making our customers feel at home when they step into Julienne, that’s why we spend so many hours perfecting our classics and making sure every item that leaves our doors is just perfect.

The next couple of months are very exciting! We’re moving into our biggest holidays and we have every imaginable menu for dinner, brunch, and the perfect fixings for those leftover cravings. Keep an eye out for our takeout Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. Holidays aren’t supposed to be stressful, they are meant for hot chocolate by the fireplace and sleepy mornings, cooking should be the last thing on your mind- so let us take care of the big things and allow you to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine!

Gourmet Market Merchandise

While our food is decadent and leaves smiles on all who consume- our food isn’t anything without a perfectly dressed dining room table. We choose our merchandise as carefully as we choose our ingredients. In our world, a dinner table doesn’t look done unless we have one of our embroidered runners, cloth napkins, a set of wine glasses, candles galore, and of course the perfect centerpiece. We like to think of ourselves as a one-destination place. Come for the food leave with a transportable experience that your guests will love.

Tailgating season is here! We have all the unbreakable melamine you can think of- perfect for warm chili on a cold day while rooting for the best team out there. We have these great traveling mugs and canteens. Our largest canteen fits up to two bottles of wine!!

Halloween is coming and if you want to be as spooky as one can be then Julienne has you covered. From sparkly black wreaths to adorn your door, we also have hand poured beeswax candles that come in a set of 4, and we have three different sizes, all wrapped up in a black sparkle bow.

We thank all of you for your continued support of our neighborhood restaurant for the past 34 years; we love to see familiar faces and new faces who continue to come back.



Our brand new pumpkin walnut bars!


Happy fall!

Continued gratitude,

Julie and all of us at Julienne

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