Frequently Asked Questions

Is the restaurant going to re-open?

I’m happy to say we are settling in nicely with a re-imagined Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations, and it feels GOOD! The closure of the Covid shutdown forced the shutdown of the beautiful restaurant over a year ago, and we have no plans to re-open it as it once was. BUT, what IS…the garden patio continues to offer a most pleasant spot to enjoy a glass of wine with take-out food purchased from the Espresso & Wine Bar or the Marketplace. We are happy to bring the food to your table. Tables are on a first-come basis. We have “retired” waiter service, reservations, the menu with food cooked-to-order, and private events. We have opted for a much more casual, picnic-like environment.

I hope you, too, will feel the good energy as the Julienne lifestyle continues to embrace all aspects of Fine Foods and Celebrations.

The Julienne Marketplace will always be a vibrant social hub with a nod to graceful living. Our vast selection of signature house-made foods, displayed in a beautiful and cheerful space, with polite and knowledgeable staff which also offers a curated look and feel for specialty gourmet provisions, boutique wines, and festive seasonal decor. Many of you know I love to shop!

What can I get from the Espresso & Wine Bar?

The menus for the Espresso & Wine Bar feature some of our tried and true favorites: quiche, salads, sandwiches, soup and the popular breakfast burrito. We are happy to reheat anything on the menu and bring it to your table.

Can I sit down to eat?​

Yes, please do! Find a table and then come into the Espresso Bar to purchase your food. We are happy to bring your order to your table.

Tables are available on a first-come basis and Table Cards are issued by the Greeter should there be a wait. Please spend the time browsing in our Marketplace; the Greeter will come find you there.

Can I reserve a table for a birthday, bridal shower, or a small gathering?

The Restaurant has “retired” from hosting events. The Patio offers courtesy tables for anyone who purchases food from inside at the Espresso & Wine Bar.

Can I still order hot food from the Restaurant like I used to?

No, unfortunately, that menu no longer exists. See out Current Menus.

Do you have high chairs?

Not at this time.​

Can I make a reservation?

We do not take reservations. We have 10 bistro-size tables on the patio and no indoor seating. Please find a table before coming inside to purchase your food. If there is a wait, please get a Table Number from the Greeter. We are happy to come find you in the Marketplace while you wait.

Where is the Restaurant Team now?

Many are happily still with us. Herbert is manning the Espresso Bar, Santos is in the Food Packaging Department, Manny is in Merchandise Department, Jorge is prepping food in the Kitchen, Ricky is making Pastries and the cooks have all joined forces with The Gourmet Market Kitchen team!

Can I order a Birthday Cake? What else can I special order?​

Yes, please email the Order Department and they will walk through the options. Please note a 3-day minimum lead time, but sometimes we are able to do a cake on shorter notice.​

What are your hours/days?

We are open 7 days, 9am-5pm. 

We are closed on these holidays: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas and the day after, and New Year’s Day.


Yelp and Google say that Julienne is open for Breakfast and Lunch. Why?​

That’s unfortunate out of date information, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Alas, our efforts to correct the information have not worked.

Do you have Curbside Pick-up and Delivery?​

Yes. Please let the Order Department know that you would like the pre-paid curbside option, and we are happy to bring your bag out to you. As far as delivery, we have partnered with a local, independent courier service, which we coordinate for you. We are not on Doordash, Grubhub, etc. as we are not offering hot food as we once did from the Restaurant.​

Your website mentions ordering online, but I am unable to place an order. It also works differently than other online ordering systems. Why is that?

Yes, you may order on-line using the Order Online link in the navigation bar at the top of our site. Here, you will find offerings from our Marketplace Menus, as well as for applicable Holiday Menus.

How can I get my food delivered? Are you affiliated with an app-based delivery service?​

We are not affiliated with any of the food services. We don’t feel comfortable passing on the additional surcharge to customers. The delivery option we do offer is via Pasadena Courier, an independent 3rd party, with whom we’ve been working with for decades. When you place your order with our Order Department, we are happy to give you the contact information.​

Hours 9am–5pm Daily

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