Our Team

How fortunate we are to have many of the same staff for decades. Actually, in the food industry, such longevity is rare. A dedicated and committed staff is the cornerstone to our success.

Without them, food wouldn’t taste nearly as good, or be as consistent, service wouldn’t be so personalized, and the look and feel wouldn’t be as welcoming. There are nearly 60 of us that work in tight quarters, but we can always count on lots of smiles and willingness to help each other. The Julienne Family IS the Julienne Way!

It is my honor to introduce those both behind the Kitchen doors, as well as those Front of House.


21+ years

Marcelino, Head Chef, 30+ years
Herbert, Dishwasher to Head Waiter, aka “Mr. Julienne”, 30+ years
Julie Campoy, Original Counter Girl to Owner, 30 years
Francisco “Corazon”, Busser, 25+ years
Hugo, Prep Cook, 25+ years
Eric, Prep Cook, 25+ years
Delia, Baker, 20+ years
Claudia, Packaging Team to Kitchen Manager, 20+ years
Cristobal, Head Baker, 20+ years
Carlos, Line Cook, 20+ years
Juan, Waiter, 20+ years
Ada, Packaging Team to Hostess to Shop Manager, 20 years


11-20 years

Manny, Runner, 19 years
Saul, Prep Cook, 19 years
Ramon, Line Cook, 19 years
Martin, Line Cook, 18 years
Alice, Packaging, 18 years
Santos, Busser, 17 years
Don Carlos, Prep Cook, 14 year
Marlene, Packaging, 13 years
Milton, Host and Busser, 13 years
Kenny, Line Cook, 13 years
Marco, Prep Cook, 12 years
Kathy, Hostess, 12 years
Kate Manes, Counter Girl to General Manager, 11 years
David, Prep Kitchen Leader, 11 years


5-10 years

Guadalupe, Dishwasher, 10 years
Emmanuel, Dishwasher to Busser, 9 years
George, Runner, 8 years
Junior, Packaging to Shop, 7 years
Blanca, Shop, 7 years
Antonio, Dishwasher, 6 years
Kevin, Prep Cook, 6 years
Simon, Dishwasher, 5
Francisco “Panchito”, Line Cook, 5 years


2-4 Years

Gio, Shop, 4 years
Luis, Dishwasher, 4 years
Edgar, Restaurant, 4 years
Jose, Shop, 4 years
Nikki, Catering Coodinator, 3 years
Alex, Shop to Merchandise Coordinator, 3 years


Newcomers: 1-2 years…we are growing!

Javier, Shop
Manny, Shop
Monica, Packaging
Angelita, Packaging
Rosy, Packaging
Danny, Line Cook
Daniel, Dishwasher
Aurelio, Dishwasher
Gudelio, Dishwasher
Vicente, Pastry
Evelyn, Shop
Wes, Shop
Drina, Shop