We just had the Fall Equinox, but with 100 degree weather, it feels like anything but!

To keep cool this week, and because everyone deserves a treat, we wanted to share with you a new retail item to the gourmet market: Choctal. Hailing from Pasadena, Choctal is an artisan company making single origin chocolate and vanilla ice creams. As a result, the flavor is unique and remarkable and like nothing you’ve ever tasted. They are also part of the “1% for the Planet”, committing to give back some of their profit to the countries in which they do business.

As a way to give yourself a treat, and cool off in this heat, there is no better choice that you could make than coming into Julienne and picking up one of their single serve portions. Available in our freezer section in the gourmet market. Ask anyone behind the counter, if you need help!

Stay cool!

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