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Our History

For over 38 years, Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations gradually grew from small cafe with three tables to a beloved  social and culinary destination for all of life’s daily routines and occasions for celebration.


I am the proud second generation owner, having worked for decades with my mother and founder Susan Campoy, until her death in 2009. Long before women fully entered the workforce as it is today, Mom catered out of our home kitchen. My sisters and I were the dishwashers and loaded up the family station wagon so she could cater to friends in the area.  Over time, the ladies luncheons grew to elaborate and lavish dinner parties and events (it was the 80’s after all!), which grew into the storefront of Julienne, where we reside to this day.

I believe People are a key ingredient to sustaining our longevity.

Whether it be long time customers, employees or vendors, somehow it all comes together when people visit Julienne.

After 38 years, Herbert still knows how you like your coffee, Claudia still has a watchful eye over the kitchen, my nieces worked here throughout their high school years; collectively all promotes a sense of belonging and well being

As a  San Marino native, my roots in this community run deep, and I remain grateful and encouraged for the support through many challenges and subsequent opportunities.  Julienne Fine Foods and Celebrations continues to evolve organically much as our customers evolve and circumstances dictate.  We aspire to remain relevant in our community for decades to come!

What remains a constant throughout is our commitment
to our Core Values:

  • Make people Smile

  • Curate Beauty

  • Insist on Excellence

  • Foster Integrity

  • Empower Staff

I welcome you to the wonderful world of Julienne
Fine Foods and Celebrations! And as an on-site owner,
I look forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,

Julie A. Campoy


Julie Campoy
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