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We bake everything

From Scratch

From Our Bakery


Of course we bake everything from scratch, and you will taste that quality and secret ingredient LOVE in every bite!​

Our signature 4-layer Cakes are as delicious as they are pretty. Most are garnished with fresh berries and chocolate shards.​

Our signature Cookie and Bar Trays feature an assortment of our mini cookies and bars, cut on the diagonal, and the tray is garnished with fresh berries and mint, ready to serve.

Cookie and Bar Trays​

Cookies and Bars will contain nuts.
(Click here for this week's selections.)

Small: 18 pieces​
Medium: 45 pieces
Large: 75 pieces

Breakfast Pastries Platter​

Cream Currant Scones, Muffins, Croissants,
Breakfast C
ookie with Nuts and Dried Fruit​

(Click here for this week's selections.)

Small: Contact Us
Large: Contact Us

Bundt Cakes​

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake (see photo)
Irish Whisky Cake
Angel Food Cake with Tangerine Glaze
Espresso Coffee Cake
Sour Cream Walnut Struesel

Serves: 12-15​

Signature Birthday and Celebration Cakes

Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Icing​ (see photo)

Orange Almond Cake with Raspberry Jam,
White Chocolate Buttercream​

Hummingbird Cake with Pecans, Coconut and
Roasted Bananas, Cream Cheese Icing​

Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd, Coconut Shred
and Meringue Icing​ (see photo)

Red Velvet Cake


Carrot Cake

6-inch: serves 6-8​  —  9-inch: serves 10-20​

Minimum of 3-day notice with confirmation from us.

Three easy ways to Special Order from our Bakery

Submit an inquiry form  |  In Person in the Gourmet Market  |  Call us at 626-441-2299, ext. 1


However you choose to order, we are here to help!

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