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Prepared Foods

The Superette is brimming with prepared foods, ready to take home or to stock up your freezers. We are a scratch kitchen, everything made under the watchful eye of our experienced kitchen team, whose average tenure is 20 years. 

Plan your meals for the entire week with our rotation of menus offering entrees, side sides, soups, casseroles, sandwiches, pastries and breakfast items.

Also choose from our extensive “grab and go” case and freezers. Plenty of options and reasons to stock up!

You can always find something to eat in our deli cases or freezers. Call ahead and we are happy to put something aside for you. 

Please note our food is served cold; we do not reheat items from the Market.

Individual Crudite Cups

Weekly Specials – Prepared Foods To-Go


Our menu rotates weekly for you to enjoy seasonal tastes! 

Entrees and Side Dishes

12-16 options, following a menu theme to better
pair foods. Think Italian Flavors, French Flavors,
All American Flavors etc. 


Seasonal Soups

Made with homemade chicken stock, including the famous Get Well Soup (see below)



Typically serves 3-4 people as each quart
is packed with protein and vegetables.


For breakfast, as a side dish, as an entrée;
with protein and vegetarian options.

Individual Desserts

Changes monthly

Cheese Spreads

A cream cheese base to spread on crackers 

In the Freezer

Chicken Pot Pies, Casseroles, Soup, Stews 

Get Well Soup
Available Monday and Tuesday, call ahead.

Or available by Special Order. (6 quart minimum.)

Get Well Soup 

Aka Magic Healing Get Well Soup. 

We simply cannot make enough of this hearty chicken soup with steamed vegetables; we make about 200 quarts each week year round and even more during flu season.  You can imagine how much we made during the pandemic.  

The back story is that while I was going through a rough time with chemo, 13 years ago, the wonderful and caring Kitchen Manager Claudia (who has been at Julienne for over 25 years!), made this soup for me.  On my first taste, I knew this was going to sustain me.  I immediately called her to make 50 more quarts, call it Get Well Soup, and sell it immediately.  We haven’t stopped since.  I hear all the time how it has really saved people.  People special order many quarts just to keep in the freezer or to drop off to those in need. Claudia says the secret ingredient is Amor. I agree! 

Featured in LA MAGAZINE "Best of LA" August 2023! CLICK HERE

Special Order Inquiry Form

Thank you for contacting us regarding a special order! We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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