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Charitable Contributions

City of Hope, ”Circle 1500”


Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the Holiday season, family, friends, and hopefully good health!


As the year winds down, we recognize the spirit of giving back, counting our blessings, and looking forward. It feels good when the cause resonates with personal experience. 


With many worthwhile organizations to which to give, may I suggest one more in the name of women's cancer research at City of Hope, “Circle 1500.” 100% of the pooled philanthropic dollars goes to the funding of pilot programs that can accelerate and secure “next round of funding” for a given research project. It is this seed money that can ultimately provide better care and answers for those of us impacted by cancer, either as a patient or caregiver. I am sure you have first-hand experience with either or both scenarios. 


I’m 13 years cancer free and am wildly impressed with the protocols, options, treatment for women today; not available when I was in chemo, and certainly not for my Mom, either, who passed away 14 years ago of cancer, and at City of Hope. 


Ten years ago, 5 of us City of Hope “alums” wanted to ensure that the excellent treatment we each received could be paid forward. We were committed to somehow participating in bringing new, innovative research to fruition. On the Julienne patio, we founded our group, prioritized our goals, and cleverly named it after the address at City of Hope. 


In the subsequent years, our 501c3 organization has funded over $2 million and 26 pilot programs, all with the intent of supporting research to better understand and respond to the many facets of women’s cancers. 


CLICK HERE to view the annual list of research topics we have funded. It’s quite impressive! 


And so as 2023 winds down, I ask for your consideration and financial support with our collective efforts. CLICK HERE for information on joining Circle 1500 or making a donation. As a friend, caregiver, patient – I appreciate your consideration! Of course, I am happy to answer any questions. 


Many thanks and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2024! 


Julie A. Campoy 


Julienne Fine Foods & Celebrations

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