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Where it all began…

My Mother, the founder of Julienne, labored over her cookbook and sadly never saw it published. It was a race against time; it was printed the same day she died in 2009.​

Her legacy lives on through her recipes and spirit. To this day people tell me of their favorite go-to recipes AND how much they​ appreciate the storytelling woven throughout the book. ​

My Mom would be so happy and proud that her cookbook reflecting her life's work is alive and used in kitchens all over our community. ​

While the book is no longer in print, her spirit of sharing the joy of cooking and eating at the family dinner table lives on.

Best Regards,

Julie A. Campoy

Daughter | Proprietor | Food Lover

Julienne Cookbook Cover.jpeg
Lemon Coconut Bar

The Lemon Coconut Bar is a long time family recipe, passed down from my maternal grandmother via one of those great church women’s guild cookbooks from the 1930s. We’ve been making these bars every day for 38 years strong. A classic recipe, indeed!  

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