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Curated Wine Selection

Explore our collection of house and specialty wines.


I truly love the pleasure of pairing the right wine with the right food and occasion. It’s an on-going education and happy hobby to learn about the vast number of varietals and the how the “Terroir” from one place in the world can taste dramatically different to another. It’s trial and error, indeed, but why not try something new and expand one’s own oenological palate!


I always have our menus in mind when tasting and selecting wine. Most wines are available only through boutique distributors; in other words, I hope you will find our list to be special and unique. 


~ Julie

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Why not try something new?

Chemistry – Pinot Noir

Reg: $32.95 750ML Bottle  |  20% Off: $26.36 750ML Bottle

Region: Willamette Valley, OR
Producer: Stoller Family Estate
Alcohol Level: 13.5%

Profile: Inviting aromatics of dark berries like boysenberry & black raspberry, earth, & baking spice; bright on the front palate showing initial flavors of cranberry that evolve to tart cherry & earth with structured tannins on mid-palate & finish.

Food Pairing: beef, pork, chicken and fish

Enjoy a 20% bottle, case, and by-the-glass discount
off the regular price all month long!



House Red, Rouge du Soir

A medium-bodied, smooth, and balanced blend of Mediterranean varietals:  grenache noir, carignan, cinsault, merlot, syrah.


Pair with grilled chicken, meat, cheese, and even chocolate desserts.  We are proud to call this our House Red!

$18.95, 1.5 liter

New World Pinot Noir 
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Light bodied, raspberry and strawberry.

Pinot Noir pairs with a wide variety of foods, from pork to fish to baked pasta and classic Coq au Vin. Cranberry and Thanksgiving dinner are ideal with Pinot Noir. Enjoy with our All-American, French, Italian menus. 


Spanish Tempranillo
Navarra, Spain

Medium-full bodied. Fresh and fruity.

Beef, meatloaf, lamb, pork tenderloin, paella, grilled sausages, chicken, and salmon. Great with all types of meaty sandwiches, too. Try with hearty tomato pasta, even Mexican foods. Enjoy with our Latin, Italian, Mediterranean Menus.


California Cabernet Sauvignon
North County, CA
Raymond Sommelier Series

Big, rich, bold, and balanced with grapes from all over the northern coast of California. Crafted by a group of influential sommeliers at fine restaurants.

Pair with beef, lamb, meatloaf, mushrooms, beef stroganoff. Enjoy with our All-American and Daily Classics Menu. 




House White, Blanc Elegance

A lovely Mediterranean blend of grenache blanc, vermentino, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay.  

This wine goes with just about everything on our menu, which speaks to its popularity. We are proud to have this as our House White!

$18.95, 1.5 liter

French White Burgundy
Macon-Village, France
Domaine Drouhin

Rich, creamy, not oaky like California Chardonnay.


Pair with roast chicken, chicken pot pies, savory tarts,  turkey, seafood. Enjoy with our French, Daily Classics, All-American Menus for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner.


$24.95 750ml
$17.95 375ml

Central Coast Chardonnay
Santa Cruz, CA
Domaine Eden


Rich and Full, Buttery and Oaky flavors, but not overwhelmingly so.


Pair with Macaroni and Cheese, pork tenderloin, salmon, turkey, salads. Enjoy with our All-American, Daily Classics, Weekend Menus.



Ken Forrester Reserve Sauvignon Blanc  
South Africa


Bright acidity and minerality make for a delightful wine while preparing a meal or enjoying on the patio. The alcohol volume is a low 12.5%.


Ideal with fish, chicken, pasta. Pair with our Menus: Asian Flavors | French | Easy | Weekend 



Pale Pink Rosé
Rhine River Valley, Germany
Villa Wolf

Our all time best selling Rosé, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Bright, refreshing, delicate and dry; delicious for sipping with just about everything on our menu.

Enjoy with our French, Summer, Picnic, Mediterranean, Weekend Menus. 


Deep Pink Rosé
Beaujolaise, France
Beaujolais Rose

This is a classic French Rosé: Bright, refreshing, delicate and dry; delicious for sipping with just about everything on our menu.

Enjoy with many options on our French Menu, Mediterranean, Picnic, Summer, All-American Menus.


Single serving, Sparkling Rosé

Enjoy a splash of nice sparkling wine with our Health Conscious Menu.




House Sparkling
Jean Philippe

Effervescent and celebratory!

Fried chicken is a perfect pairing. Also seafood, eggs, simple chicken dishes, fried and salty foods. Serve very chilled for cocktail time, dessert time or any time, really. Enjoy with  our French, Weekend, All-American, Asian Menus.


Italian Prosecco

Light, fruity,and effervescent, lower in alcohol makes Prosecco a great Brunch beverage.

We add our Hibiscus or Pineapple Juice, add a fresh sprig of fresh mint and serve in a pretty glass. Very nice! Enjoy with our Weekend, Asian, Summer and even Health Conscious Menus.


Premier Cru Champagne
Champagne, France
J. Lassalle, “Brut Reserve Cachet Or”

This third generation of women winemakers in the AOC Champagne region produce an elegant, complex wine with many layers of flavor, from toasty to fruity. Perfectly balanced: ⅓ each of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier result in just the right amount of Fizz!! This is one of my all time favorite wines, and well priced for true Champagne.

Enjoy with our French, Weekend, Pre Fixe Menus. 


*If you enjoyed one bottle, enjoy a 20% case discount off the regular price!

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